4 Worthwhile Museums to Discover in Sharjah


If history fascinates you then kicking off the UAE’s trip from Sharjah pays off where you can explore many outstanding places for witnessing the great history of this amazing part of the word and right from evolving standard of living to gradual scientific development, you find everything at the museums of this tourist-friendly city, so fasten your belt to enjoy an amazing ride of discovering fantastic museums.

Furthermore, the state is committed to bring more reforms in the sector of tourism; hence, you find the fame its museums globally, so prior to step out of your hotel, start creating a bucket list of museums of Sharjah to make your visit more precise. In creating the list of must-visit history-reveal spots of Sharjah, this write-up helps you a lot as it lets you point out the prominent museums of this town.

So explore the under-mentioned spots precisely.

1- Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

By its name, everyone can judge it the right place to find how Islam prevailed in this specific part with improving the lives of people socially and economically and the moment, you enter the place, you feel yourself in past witnessing all the great changes Islamic civilization has brought. Additionally, it is situated at the waterfront and the items extending to two floors, so don’t be in a hurry for visiting this place properly. Along with coming across different items of the Islamic faith, you also get to know the scientific accomplishment of that time. Additionally, for reservation, Emirates should always be your constant companion and make it affordable with Emirates code.

2- Sharjah Heritage Area

It is also the paradise for all the history-fanatic people, so next is this spot to visit for knowing the evolving history of UAE and from 8 AM to 8 PM, you can visit this superb place and honestly, you cannot help admiring the ambience letting you have a feel of past with developing more interest about the history of Arabs. With witnessing many things, you also find the architectural practices of Arabs and not only that, you also witness the ancient markets and houses. It means that you cannot think of skipping this amazing place that is the favorite spot of both expats and locals.

3- Sharjah Science Museum

This is also the impressive place to enter for hunting the scientific advancements in the region, so noting it down is also worthwhile and in the recent times, the popularity of this place has increased massively because of the huge interest in scientific development among kids and youth. Through, the amusing methodology, it gets you explore the world of science lifting-up your interest more for that.

4- Sharjah Arts Museum

By visiting this incredible place, you also have an idea about the interest in arts by natives over the course of time, so make your journey of exploring museums more appealing with this spot. The amazing artwork portrays the Arab culture precisely and while getting familiar with ancient artwork, you also find the beautiful work of the painters of the 18th century.

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