5 Benefits of Booking an Early Morning Flight


 There are many benefits of being a night owl. Studies have shown that those who are at their best at night tend to be more creative, have better reasoning skills and higher stamina too. They might even be better at baseball, according to a study done on MLB players. But when it comes to booking the best flights, they clearly lose out!

Here are some of the reasons why booking an early morning flight might be the best option for you.

1.   Fewer Delays

Early morning estic flightsdom are more likely to be on time, compared to those in the afternoon and evening. This is because there are much lower chances of the airspace being crowded. The arrivals between 6 am and 8 am are generally either from nearby places or have already landed the night before. This results in very low air traffic, leading to smooth arrivals and departures. But as the day progresses, the build-up of planes vying for airspace leads to delays in take-off times.

2.   Less Turbulence

Another benefit of flying early is that the flight is so smooth that you can easily make up for your sleep loss. You are much less likely to experience thunderstorms and turbulent air in the morning. According to National Severe Storms Laboratory, thunderstorms have a higher probability of developing in the summer months, during the afternoon and evening times.This is because the land is hottest in the evening, after an entire day of heating. This causes the hot air to rise and meet the cold winds, leading to instability. This instability is what leads to thunderstorms later in the day.

3.   They are Cheaper

Early morning flight tickets are generally cheaper than their afternoon and evening counterparts. Why? Because at the crack of dawn, people would rather sleep than go to the airport. This also means less people at the airport, shorter lines at the check-in counter and security check. Even Google traffic maps show lower activity at most major airports before 8 am.

4.   Airports are Cleaner

The early morning experience at an airport is much more pleasant as well. The flight crew, passengers and airport workers, all are fresh and less stressed. And because there are fewer people, everything is much cleaner, from the floor to the seats. Plus, all the good things at the eateries are still stocked!

5.   More Time to Recover

Another thing that people love about early morning flights is that it gives you more time at the destination. When you take an evening flight, all you get that day is the night time. And you could be feeling worn-out or jet lagged that night.

But in case of morning flights, you get almost the entire day. This can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your trip.

If all of this isn’t enough, studies have also shown that early morning flights are much less likely to get canceled. So, when booking domestic flights in India, be sure to look at those early morning options.

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