6 Places to Visit in Lonavala in 2021


Lonavala is a hill station town situated in Pune, 96km east of Mumbai. The place is popular for its famous candy “Chikki” and the Indian Navy’s Premier Technical Training Institute INS Shivaji (formerly HIMS Shivaji).

Lonavala is a blissful escape from the chaotic and busy city life. The pleasant climate of the place, historical forts, mystic lakes and ancient caves, makes it the most vibrant destination for a short trip with friends and family. Here is a list of must-visit places in Lonavla in 2021. So, when you plan a trip to Lonavala do not forget to visit these charming places after checking into any of the Lonavala hotels.

Tiger’s Leap

Tiger’s Leap is among the major tourist attractions in Lonavla that rests in nature’s lap at an altitude of 650m above sea level. The vantage point is dominated by adventure enthusiasts who love to indulge in hiking and trekking. Interestingly, the shape of the viewpoint resembles a tiger taking a leap into the valley. Also, the site comprises a stream and an echo point, offering breathtaking views of the valley.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort is an 18th Century Fort located at a height of 3400ft surrounded by nature and lush greenery, also a paradise for photographers. The place is a standing instance of the Maratha reign also interlinked with Visapura Fort. The greenery of the place, cool breeze, mountain views and long trek routes, make it a hikers’ nest. Although trekking is easy during the day, as the night approaches, trekking at the hill fort becomes tough. Nonetheless, the magnificent experience is worth it.

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves is an amalgamation of 22 groups of rock-cut caves, dating back to 160BC. It is considered to be one of the oldest caves in India. The place presents lush greenery along with spectacular Buddhist excavations which date back to the phase of Hinayana Buddhism. There are 14 stupas inside the cave, which serves the thoughtful minds of history enthusiasts. Tourists can also take a dip in the waterfall nearby. Moreover, if you desire to visit the enchanting Bhaja Caves you have to take a zig-zag route from its base at the Bhaja village.

Pawna Lake

When it comes to visiting Lonavala, Pawna Lake is a must-visit place. It is an artificial lake surrounded by many famous forts in its locality. Thus, the lake attracts the holiday seekers to take some time out of their chaotic city life and relax in the lap of its serenity. The place offers pollution-free air, memorable sunset views, vast green land, low-rise clouds and far-fetched mountains. You can also take part in camping and paragliding activities by the Pawna Lake.

Duke’s Nose

Without a doubt, Duke’s Nose is an amazing choice for those who want to go for a day trip to Lonavala. It is considered to be the adventure junction of the region. Locally known as Nagphani, Duke’s Nose is basically a nose-shaped cliff with beautiful views. Furthermore, visitors can also take part in exciting activities like rock climbing, hiking and trekking. Even if you are not an adventure-monger you can still enjoy the trip by sitting and gazing at the enchanting views of the mountain valleys and several waterfalls nearby.

Bhushi Dam

It is a favorable picnic spot where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. This dam forms the famous Bhushi Lake, which stands on the Indrayani River. Built in 1860 as a water source for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway, here you can sit and absorb the warmth of the sunshine besides enjoying the magnificent views of the surroundings. At present Tata Power uses the place for power generation purposes. The dam gets overcrowded during the monsoon season as well as the weekends. However, swimming is strictly prohibited in the river because of the inconsistent water flow.

Lonavala is a blissful escape from the chaotic city life. With its pleasant climate, historical forts, mystic lakes, and ancient caves, it’s the perfect destination for a short trip with friends and family. Don’t miss out on these charming places when you visit Lonavala. Enhance your experience by renting a car in Mumbai, allowing you to explore at your own pace. With a car at your disposal, you can create your own itinerary and fully enjoy the region’s scenic beauty. Make the most of your trip to Lonavala by renting a car in Mumbai.

So, when you take some time out of your busy schedule and go for a trip to Lonavala, visit these stunning places to experience the beauty and grandeur they have to offer.

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