Are you getting ready for a trip to New Jersey? List of things you should do!


New Jersey is a waterfront locale, and there are many facts about the city that travellers hardly know. Gain some insight into this beautiful city before your voyage. This peninsula residing on the Hudson River has much to offer than what you have thought of before.

  1. Home for all Roller coaster galore

If you love all the twist and turn rides, the trip to New Jersey might be one hell of fun for you. There are around 18 amusement parks around which rims New Jersey that you can pay a visit to. Almost per every square mile, there is an amusement park, and this seems to be the largest number compared to any other US state. Summer vacations are the best there.

  • There are a lot of sports teams to choose

The place ideally comes in a split if it comes to sports teams. There are a lot of sports teams as well as games that are popular among the locale and nationals. You will have a lot of teams to support and join the bandwagon.

  • It’s a surfer most sought out destination

Ideally, it is not well known as a surfing destination, but there are a lot of surf able breaks which you can utilize if you love surfing. There are lesser shark attacks compared to the rest of the country’s surfing bays.

  • The city with numerous beaches

You will be pleasantly surprised that New Jersey holds the best beaches in the world. There are 44 beaches that you can pay a visit to. Each with its own distinctive attributes. If you have enough time, do take a visit to the best beaches in NJ.

  • You will never run out of food.

The cuisines offered in New Jersey is great, and you can get food at any time literally 24/7. You never have to fret because there are around 600 diners in New Jersey that offers food round the clock. Bagels are the trademark food that flavours delicious. Do have a try when you visit NJ.

Even though being the most stereotyped state in the US, New Jersey has a lot of attractions that are sure shot no miss thing. If you start living you would appreciate the country and it’s hard to leave behind and move on. There is an equivalent share of suburban, urban and rural quaintness in NJ which cannot be found in any other US countries.  It’s typically a place where you can live your life to the fullest enjoyment and contentment. You have dinner at 3 am, go for hiking trails, hear live music, that city offers you all that you want!

There are plenty of other rarities to explore in New Jersey, rich in diversity, culture and even entertainment which isn’t listed. Explore! Bon, voyage!

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