Funeral Directors Utilized By United State People in Egypt


Funeral Service Supervisors and also Undertakers are certified to exercise in Egypt by the General Division of Feature, Undertaker’s as well as Funeral service Supervisor’s Council readily available at each governorate. Some insurance coverage firms might call for that repatriation of remains be organized by a certain Egyptian Funeral service Supervisor or Undertaker.

Prep Work and also Delivery Solutions readily available in Egypt:
Optimum Duration prior to Interment
When a body is embalmed, Egyptian regulation defines no specific amount of time prior to interment.

When a body is not embalmed, regional regulation needs its interment within 24 hr. The demand might be forgoed for outstanding factors (such as awaiting directions from abroad), or if a postmortem examination is needed.


Appropriate centers exist for embalming. Neighborhood legislation defines that embalming must start within 24-hour after fatality has actually happened at the most recent.

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There are a number of regional mortuary facilities in Cairo, yet few of them have an interest in approving obligation for preparing as well as going back to the USA continues to be of dead Americans. The Consular office manage the certified undertakers in Cairo noted above.

While fundamental therapy of remains is normally dealt with in the federal government morgues or medical facilities, the funeral chapels safe permission for embalming as called for by regional authorities. They function very closely with the Consular office to prepare and/or protect paperwork needed for exportation of remains.


Regional legislation does not forbid cremation yet there are no authorities centers readily available in Egypt for that objective. There is one informal center in Alexandria that has actually been utilized in the past yet just after getting considerable consents from both the Inside and also Health And Wellness Departments in Egypt. Cremation stays troublesome in Egypt, as well as American residents are urged to seek alternative available means of personality of the remains of their enjoyed ones, such as repatriation or funeral.

Coffins and also Containers

When the remains of a departed individual are to be carried out of the nation, they are put in a zinc-lined casket which is secured by soldering. All needed containers are easily offered in your area with the undertakers.

Exportation of Remains

Regional needs for the exportation of human remains are:

Embalming of the remains.
Unit of the remains as defined over.
Duplicate of main fatality certification from Egyptian wellness authorities.
Embalming certification (Type A or B) from wellness authorities.
Funeral authorization from the regional health and wellness authorities.
American Consular Mortuary Certification for delivery of continues to be to the USA.
Sworn Statement of Funeral Director for experiencing the packaging of the remains to the USA, sworn by an American Consul.
Exploration License of Human Remains
According to 85 State 90352, the neighborhood undertaker might be paid with a UNITED STATE Buck check. Costs are based upon the currency exchange rate $1.00 = LE17.94 since today August 28, 2018.

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If fatality happens in an exclusive healthcare facility, there is a cost which differs from $27.00 to $100.00 each day for making use of morgue centers. If fatality takes place out of Cairo, service charges have to be contributed to price quotes for gas mileage as well as overland transport prices in between Cairo and also the significant cities of Egypt. The Last prep work for delivery are generally made in Cairo.

Exhumation and also Delivery

Non-Egyptians are hardly ever interred in Egypt; their remains are normally moved abroad. If regional interment has actually been chosen, exhumation can not be completed up until one year as well as someday has actually expired after interment. The price of exhumation as well as prep work for delivery consists of L.E. 500 for excavating the story.

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