Hidden Gems in Los Angeles


As part of your visit to Los Angeles, take time to explore beyond the main tourist sites. Discover these hidden gems that will open up a whole new side of this vibrant city’s culture! You can easily fly into Los Angeles with Cathay Pacific.

Begin your tour at Shakespeare Bridge – it marks the spot where a portion of cliffside houses collapsed into the ocean due to a landslide in 1929.

1. Korean Bell of Friendship

San Pedro’s Pacific Ocean-facing pavilion houses the Bell of Friendship, presented to us by Korea in 1976 as a gesture of friendship between their nations, is home to one of the world’s largest metal bells weighing 17 tons and inspired by Korea’s Bronze Bell of King Seongdok, considered to be a national treasure.

The bell is housed within a pavilion designed in traditional Korean dancheong style with twelve columns supporting its hipped roof, each bearing one animal from Korea’s zodiac. All elements were constructed on site at Angels Gate Park by a team of 30 Korean artisans.

The monument is a popular spot among locals to pay homage to the bond between Korea and America, as well as celebrate holidays like US Independence Day, National Liberation Day of Korea, New Year’s Eve, and Korean-American Day. Additionally, its 360 degree views offer visitors a spectacular sunset spectacle.

2. Bridge to Nowhere

One of the most remarkable hidden treasures in Southern California is a 120-foot bridge known as The Bridge to Nowhere that stands alone in the desert. Built during an attempted highway project during the 1930s, today it serves as an attraction for hikers, sightseers and bungee jumpers.

The Bridge to Nowhere can be found in Angeles National Forest’s Sheep Mountain Wilderness, easily reached with an easily obtained wilderness permit. The 10-mile round-trip hike provides both challenging and rewarding hiking, including several river fords, swimming opportunities and historic sections of visible roads along its route.

The Bridge to Nowhere is an unmissable stop for anyone in search of an unforgettable hiking experience, as its expansive and unique view is unmatched by any other attraction in Arizona. Additionally, this scenic landmark houses an intricate ecosystem which supports numerous species of wildlife like coyotes, bobcats, and lizards – not forgetting being used for filming some Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lone Ranger and Batman: The Movie! In addition to being an important historical landmark, The Bridge to Nowhere serves as an amazing scenic attraction that showcases an ecosystem rich with wildlife such as coyotes bobcats & lizards! In addition to being beautiful natural attraction the Bridge has also played an integral part of history which features in movies and television shows featuring coyotes, bobcats & lizards!

3. Time Travel Mart

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is an exciting and eccentric store located in Echo Park that sells products from both past and future eras. The Time Travel Mart serves as an intermediary for 826LA, a non-profit organization which assists children with developing creative writing skills; all proceeds from sales go towards supporting 826LA’s free tutoring programs.

This charming shop sells whimsical merchandise like Viking odorant, dinosaur eggs and intertemporal travel passports; in addition to providing other unusual or humorous products. Perfect for finding special gifts for friends and family!

Funny products sold at this shop have even made it onto the big screen, appearing in films such as The White Boy Shuffle and Inherent Vice. Furthermore, Twin Peaks to The A-Team have all featured this store!

Visit this shop if you want to capture silly and amusing photographs, with friendly, helpful staff to round off a truly enjoyable visit! It will not disappoint.

4. Phantasma Gloria

Southern California is well known for its iconic landmarks like Universal Studios and the Hollywood Sign, while Venice Beach can be found down by the water. But beyond those iconic places, Los Angeles holds many quirky surprises that will make your visit even more enjoyable! You will discover an endless supply of quirky hidden gems in every direction – make sure you visit Los Angeles soon to find them all!

Phantasma Gloria is one of many wonderful Southern California hidden gems and an incredible sight, located at Randy Lawrence’s RandylandLA home in Echo Park and truly remarkable to witness. Made up of colorful bottle caps hung into intertwined forms that form webbed forms above the street, Phantasma Gloria features an incredible Virgin of Guadalupe bottle fence but Lawrence plans on adding an angel into this piece in future incarnations.

Tomatoes is lucky that Randy graciously opens his glass kingdom for public viewing one day a week – it’s definitely worth your while to visit it! In addition to viewing his stunning display, enjoy a glass of wine while listening to live music by Karmic Juggernaut – their infectious psychedelic progressive rock/jazz fusion sounds are heavily inspired by The Mars Volta and Frank Zappa with flute player Daimon Santa Maria providing warbling howls that bring back memories of Ian Anderson!

5. Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

MSIA (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness), or MSIA, offers an ideal retreat from city life. Their Renaissance-style mansion boasts a tranquil labyrinth and Asian-style gardens for meditation or just reading and relaxing. Open to the public, this spiritual day retreat center serves as a tranquil escape.

Gardens offer plenty of tranquil spots for relaxation, featuring water features like fountains and koi ponds, but what really stands out here is its marble labyrinth, offering an opportunity to step away from daily stressors and focus on something else besides your to-do list.

As you approach the center of a labyrinth, stop and be open to whatever your spiritual practice or tradition offers up. It could be comfort, new energy, insight healing or peace. After exiting, reflect upon your experience and consider how it could apply back in daily life.

Late spring and early summer are the optimal times to visit this garden, when many of its plants are in full bloom. From albino hibiscuses and California poppies to lavender and other fragrant varieties, this garden truly makes an impressive spectacle.

6. Stahl House

Modernist icon, the Stahl House stands proud among the Hollywood Hills and features four glass walls as an outstanding example of mid century modern architecture. Well known for its iconic status and having been featured in countless photos, films and commercials; it has earned itself iconic status.

The Stahl House, also known as Case Study House #22, was designed by Pierre Koenig as part of an Arts & Architecture initiative to produce affordable models of postwar family housing. Many of the homes were immortalized in photographs taken by Julius Schulman; The Stahl House being no exception.

Schulman’s photograph of women lounging comfortably on midcentury modern furniture quickly became a cultural icon, making the Stahl House synonymous with midcentury modern. The home became an embodiment of freedom and prosperity that American families hoped to find postwar.

This home, transformed into a museum by its new owners and open to the public on weekends, has also been used as the backdrop in numerous Hollywood movies and television shows, such as The A-Team, Twin Peaks and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – not forgetting its neighbor – Bradbury Building – offering another hidden treasure not to be missed!

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