How much do pet transporters earn in the US?


Nowadays, people need to move every now and then because of better career opportunities or for any other personal emergency. As a pretty large number of people in the USA keep pets, they need to take their pets also wherever they go.  Along with the demand for this increasing mobility among people, the requirements of the pet  transporters are also hiking day by day. And transporting pets becomes a very popular profession.

People who have a bit unconventional approach towards starting a new professional career or those of self-employed folks that are seeking to introduce themselves in a new concept of earning money, are very much interested in entering into the pet transportation business. Though, it is not a good choice for a quick money making scheme, still dedication, customer reliability and persistent professionalism can lead to an attractive profitable income.

Business overview

Pet transportation business is directly related to the Pet Grooming and Boarding industry. Pet transportation is the key factor for the further development of Pet Grooming and Boarding business. The market value of this particular business idea has grown more than double in size over the years. Even in the time of recession, the pet owners have hired or purchased the most luxurious services for their pets while traveling or yet at home.

Most of the pet owners are very much interested in buying more luxurious services for their pets. As the tendency to buy new pets is hiking day by day, the pet parents are getting more interested in purchasing more fancy arrangements for their pets, especially when traveling with them. This changed approach of the pet owners has made this business more effective and profitable.

According to the research report of APPA most of the Americans have spent more than $96.5 million dollars for their pets which includes pet supplements, grooming products, medical services as well as hiring pet transportation services. This trend is ongoing and growing upwards continuously. As per current observations, an average pet owner spends more than $140 for his or her pet. As pet parents are very much concerned about their pet’s health and comfort, therefore they are ready to spend even more additional fees for extra security services and pet sitting services during transportation. As a result of fact, the transportation companies are earning extra revenues from these.

Economical Statistics

A statistical analysis published by Fetch Pet Care reveals that despite poor economic development, the pet transportation business has flourished to many extent. Since 2009 to till now dog transportation related services have increased in a very good proportion and will grow more in the future.

In the United States of America the growth rate of the pet boarding business industry is more than 6.8 percent and there are about 107,476 licensed and registered pet grooming and boarding business companies including pet transportation companies that are active service providers right now. Although, pet transportation business is still at its infancy stage of development, still more people are showing interest in investing and starting a career in this field. The existing pet transportation companies are employing more than 200,000 people till now.

Though, the existing pet transportation services are too minimal in proportionate to the pet owners and pet transport service buyers, but due to the increased number of people who consider pets as the important part their life and family, this particular business has a chance of huge expansion and every individual transporters would earn a handsome of profit from this.

Earnings from different methods of pet transport services

Pet transporters usually determine prices for their services according to the size of the pets, distances between the pick up and drop locations, additional requested pet services. Some transporters also provide transport carriers, foods, personal medical attendants and pet attendants during the shipping process and make some extra money from those. From an average long distance shipment a transporter earns near about $350 to $600 whereas for a shorter distance an individual transporter charges $150 to $350. An average pet transport service driver earns between $8,500 to $10,500 per month.

Generally pet transporters earn variable amounts on the basis of their service methods.

From an average ground transportation a transporter can earn $500 to $1000 with additional purchase fees.

Charge is a bit higher for air transportation that is about $500 to $1900, depending upon domestic or international transportation.

From marine transport a transporter can earn between $280 to $350 to transport a small animal whereas charges for bigger animals vary.

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