How to Plan a Budget Trip to the Maldives


Are you planning to visit the Maldives but are worried about overspending? Don’t fret; we have some tips for you. If you plan your Maldives tour ahead, you can enjoy the islands on a budget.

Here are 10 tips that can really help you get the trip of your life in a way that will not be heavy on your pockets:

Don’t book your flights too close to your travel date.

Get your flight tickets as early as possible to buy them at a very reasonable rate. Some one-way flights from India to the Maldives are as low as 6,000 INR. However, if you book your flight late, you will be charged a bomb.

Opt for public islands instead of private ones.

We all know how tempting the luxurious villas of the Maldives look in the reels. But here’s the catch — If you wish to save money, you should stay on the public islands. The Maldives has around 1200 islands, and the public ones can give you a more authentic experience.

Fulidhoo, Mathiveri, Guraidhoo, Rasdhoo, Gulhi, Huraa, Ukulhaas, and Himmafushi are some nearby islands to consider.

Make sure the place you are staying at has speedboat transfers.

If that’s not the case, you may end up paying a high price for seaplane transfers. Make sure you’re on an island close to the Maldives International Airport, or you’ll have to pay for a seaplane transfer, which is usually quite expensive. The difference in price here would be a huge deal, as seaplanes charge around $200 to $1000, whereas speedboats charge $5.

Ditch fancy hotels for guesthouses.

Stay at guesthouses in the public islands to save more money. Water activities and meals also come at a cheaper rate at guesthouses compared to fancy hotels.

Get your own snorkeling equipment.

When you go to the Maldives, there is a huge chance you will want to try snorkeling. And guess what? You absolutely should. The trick to saving money here is to bring your own snorkeling equipment. Most places charge around $10 per person per day. Apart from the price, the other advantages are that you can snorkel at any time of the day you want. The suit will also fit you much better if it is your own.

Book spa and water activities beforehand.

Maybe you don’t love planning rigorously and prefer to enjoy the trip and make decisions based on how things unfold. But, in the case of spa and water activities, you will lose money like crazy if you don’t book in advance.

Buy gifts and souvenirs from local islands only.

When it comes to souvenirs, private islands don’t have a lot to offer. Another thing is that you will be charged a hefty amount for whatever little is available. Try to get your souvenirs from local islands only. Get coconut shell souvenirs, handicrafts, fridge magnets, and maybe also Maldives island hopping tours.

Definitely go on walking tours.

The reason you should try going on walking tours is that not only is it a way to have a budget-friendly trip, but it is also a great way to experience the Maldives or any other place for that matter. Take a Maldivian guide and explore the local beauty and culture. Some exciting walking tours you should try out are the Huraa Island Walking Tour, the Half-Day Male City Walking Tour, the Thoddoo Walking Tour, the Guraidhoo Walking Tour, and the 4-hour Villimale Eco Walking Tour.

Dine at local eateries instead of 5-star restaurants.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the local cuisine of a place. Take advantage of this opportunity to sample the delicious cuisine of the

Maldives. Plus, some of the public islands have fantastic candlelight beach dining options. One that you can try is on the island of Maafushi. They have a special romantically-themed menu, and there is often a big heart carved on the sand in the middle of which your table and chairs will be placed. You can also eat delicious food at local stores and beach shacks for little money. You’ll end up spending around 10 dollars instead of 400 dollars.

You can also go on local food tours for $60, where you can meet local families and eat homemade food.

Avoid going to the Maldives during peak season.

The peak season in this area is typically from November to January, when the weather is quite pleasant. The Maldives is pretty wet from May to August. You can go on a Maldives Tour before May or after August to get more reasonable rates on everything starting from stay to various water activities. The weather in the Maldives is usually warm and slightly humid, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

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