Matangeshwar Temple : The Temple Known For Its Eight-foot High Shiva Linga.


Khajuraho is one of the most unique towns in the world. Tourists from around the world visit Khajuraho to experience its serene environment, spend time at the wellness centres in Khajuraho and of course, visit the majestic Khajuraho Group of Monuments. The uniqueness of the temples lie in the erotic figurines that adorn the outer walls of the temples. Contrary to the common misconception, the erotic figurines comprise just 10 percent of the total art on the walls. Rest are non-erotic in nature and depict the ordinary life of the people at the time of the Chandela rulers.

The temples were built sometime between 950 AD and 1050 AD and the entire complex had some 85 temples. Today less than 25 remain. Among these, Matangeshwar Temple is one of the most popular, especially among the worshippers of Lord Shiva. Among the Khajuraho Group of Monuments, it is the only temple which is still in use.

Unlike the rest of the Khajuraho temples, which are elaborately designed, the Matangeshwar temple is rather ordinary and lacks any carvings on the walls, but floral cusps can be seen on the ceiling. One of the exquisite feature of the temple is the eight-foot tall Shiva Linga, which it is believed is the largest in North India. The Matangeshwar Temple is of immense historical and cultural significance and has been classified by the Archaeological Survey of India as a Monument of National Importance.

How to reach Matageshwar Temple

Khajuraho is well connected to other parts of the country. The Khajuraho Airport is located around 3 kilometres from Khajuraho town and from here you can hire a cab or auto rickshaw to take you to the temples. Khajuraho is easily accessible by road as it is connected to all the major highways and roads.


If you plan a trip in February, you can enjoy the Khajuraho Dance Festival. Held between February 20 and 26, the week-long festival features the performances of exponents in the fields of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, kathak, among others.

Best time to visit

Though Khajuraho can be visited any time of the year, but the best time to visit is the winter season when the temperature is cool.

There are many hotels and resorts in Madhya Pradesh where one can book a room like The LaLiT Temple View Khajuraho, Clarks Khajuraho, Mint Bundela Resort, Hotel Harmony among others.

Make your trip to Khajuraho more memorable by visiting the majestic Matangeshwar Temple.

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