Mykonos is Looking Forward to Welcoming You!


Mykonos is an island with beautiful nature and a trendy bohemian resort at once. It is considered one of the most expensive Greek islands in terms of recreation. Those who want to get the saturation of luxury come here, as well as those who love the nightlife. It is quite difficult to understand how the incompatible can be combined on Myconos. But as soon as you visit the island, you will understand that it is real. The beauty of nature deserves special attention, which simply takes the breath away from even the most avid travelers. If you visit Myconos at least once, then there is no doubt that this will be the number one choice forever.

The Best Beaches in Mykonos 

The island has a huge number of sandy beaches, most of which are located on the south coast. These beaches are best protected from the wind. The most famous among them are Platys Gialos with various water sports and Psarou with a diving center. It is worth remembering that in July and August, they become very crowded. But you can always find places here where you can admire nature without parties and crowds. 

The Best Type of Accommodation

The accommodation on the island deserves special attention, as it is definitely a luxury part of the resort. If we talk about the most suitable and popular type of accommodation, villas will be ranked first. Villas are especially popular here because they allow you to escape from the nightlife noise of Mykonos, and admiring nature, and the quiet side of the island. Mykonos luxury villas will make your stay unforgettable and this is true for those who aim to get the best tourist experience like celebrities. A mix of luxury, antiquity, and innovation is something that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Entertainment and Attractions of Mykonos

Bars and nightclubs are a visiting card of the city. The parties here go non-stop, and therefore the resort is popular among young people, rather than families with children. The level of nightlife is equated to Ibiza. So this is one of the spots that is popular among young tourists and those who want to enjoy non-stop party mode. 

What about the cultural side of Mykonos? The infrastructure and the very spirit of the island are appropriate. Located at the crossroads of the main trade routes of the Aegean, the resort has absorbed a little of every culture. This resort is located in the central part of the Cyclades archipelago. Tourists are waiting for a hot climate and sunny weather, however, the summer heat is perfectly pacified by cool sea breezes. So, you won’t have to suffer from the sweltering heat here.

The Bottom Line

The island is a real cosmopolitan, as everyone will find something for themselves here. There is no doubt that this resort will make you feel like a celebrity. You will get an incomparable experience. This island is one of the few that promises a mix of multinational flavor, luxury, and fun.

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