Nigeria or Dubai visit visa- your dream tour!


Are you thinking of including Nigeria as an option for your trip to Dubai? Well, let’s see if you should choose Nigeria over Dubai or not.

Many people neglect Nigeria while planning a trip to Africa, but this is a mistake. Nigeria is a vast and diversified country with many natural resources, tourist attractions, and warm weather. If you only believe what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria, you may miss out on a chance to see and experience the African Giant for yourself. There is never a quiet moment in this city, which boasts a lively nightlife, several natural sites, local and foreign eateries, and a noisy and internationally known entertainment scene.

There are several sights and cultural elements that will captivate you. Because most sites are untouristy, you may expect a genuine local experience. Warm and cold-water flows, for example, are highly recommended in Ikogosi, Ekiti state, in the southwest of the country.

Because of its geographical location, escape from ordinary life into joy is one of the most straightforward things to do in the country. This is nearly true in every location because of the country’s diverse landscapes. In all of its manifestations, the views and sounds of nature will mesmerize you from backyards to resorts in states like Plateau, Cross Rivers, Lagos, and Ogun.

There is much more to explore in Nigeria!

There are numerous reasons to travel to Nigeria. Natural wonders and wildlife reserves abound in Nigeria. It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer, including fantastic wildlife, stunning mountains, vast woods, and lovely cities. Nigerian passion and love for festivity will inspire you.

Calabar Carnival is a Nigerian carnival that takes place every year on December 1st. It is a renowned tourist site for Nigerians and visitors from all over the world. Calabar Carnival is a month-long celebration including performances, marches, fashion exhibits, beauty contests, and other events. Akon, Nelly, Fat Joe, Juvenile, Jeezy, Lucky Dube, and Kirk Franklin have all played at the carnival since it is so prominent.

Another tourist attraction to visit in Nigeria as you get to know the country is the local markets. Engage yourself in large markets like Aba’s New Market, Lagos’ Balogun Market, and Onitsha’s Main Market, whether you’re looking for fine, locally created fabrics, groceries, apparel, electronic devices, or craftworks, or simply want to haggle. Make sure you’re with a local who knows how to navigate the markets if you don’t have a great sense of direction.

Are you a foodie? Visit Nigeria!

Nigerian meals and food combinations are among the healthiest on the earth! In addition, you’ll find a wide range of foods to tempt your taste buds, starting locally at the bukas and extending across the continent and beyond at some of the greatest hotels and restaurants you’ll ever visit.

Nigeria has a plentiful supply of fruits and vegetables due to its tropical location. Outside of Nigeria, some of the local fruits are incredibly difficult to come by, even inside Africa. Tiger nuts and grape-like local strawberries are just a few instances of Nigerians’ inventiveness when it comes to naming their fruits.

Dubai or Nigeria?

So, it is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. On the other hand, Nigeria is a great country to visit if you want to see new places. If you decide to visit the UAE, you will be relieved to learn that expovisa can assist you with your visit visa. Whether it’s in Dubai or elsewhere, we’ll offer you, our services. You can now apply for a visit visa to Dubai from the comfort of your own home.


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