Selections of Traditional Indonesian Dishes You Must Try


Indonesian traditional dishes always have a unique taste. Even the delicious taste of the dishes has been known worldwide. These traditional specialties are often served on Indonesian restaurant menus in several regions of Indonesia. Not only does the type of food vary, but these exceptional dishes have their own delicious taste and uniqueness.

A Variety of Traditional Indonesian Dishes That You Must Try

Various unique dishes from different regions in Indonesia, even their names, are already known worldwide. It’s no wonder that Indonesian food is currently in great demand by foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. Here are a variety of Indonesian specialties that you must try

1. Sate Bulayak from Mandalika

Not only has it an exciting tourist attraction, but Mandalika also has its signature food, Sate Bulayak. Why is it called Sate Bulayak? It’s called Sate Bulayak because this meat satay is served with glutinous rice cake, then wrapped in palm leaves called bulayak, a traditional leaf from Lombok.

2. Gudeg Yogyakarta

Another traditional food from Indonesia that is also famous is gudeg from Jogja. Gudeg is a type of food made from jackfruit added to other menus with a delicious taste.

3. Balinese Lawar Rice

Nasi lawar (Lawar rice), also known as nasi campur, is a portion of traditional food from Bali. It is a combination of sliced ​​meat and vegetables, usually served mixed and seasoned.

4. Balinese Betutu Chicken

Still a traditional food from Bali, there is also a food called Ayam Betutu (Betutu chicken) with a complicated cooking process. But now, a pressure processing technique makes the process faster, easier, and more modern.

5. Lombok Taliwang Chicken

The food, also the essential ingredient of chicken meat, is made of young chicken meat, first grilled and then seasoned with onions or shrimp paste. The tastiest taliwang chicken is served with plecing kangkung (traditional vegetables).

6. Rujak Cingur Banten

There is also another traditional Indonesian dish such as rujak cingur from East Java. This dish is made of a sliced ​​​​boiled beef snout. Usually, rujak cingur is served with vegetables and rice cake and then doused with peanut sauce.

7. Surabi Bandung

Not only heavy dishes, but there are also some traditional snacks of Indonesia, namely Surabi, which is actually from Bandung. This traditional dish is made from rice flour and flour, which is processed by burning using clay pottery. Surabi tastes better when served with warm wedang and Javanese sugar-sweet sauce.

Several traditional specialties from Indonesia are widely available in various restaurants in Indonesia. So it will not be difficult to find those dishes while traveling.

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