The Best Time of Year for Heliskiing – A Guide to the Season


Heliskiing is a thrilling and adventurous activity that appeals to many skiing enthusiasts. Imagine being dropped off on top of a pristine, snow-covered mountain by a helicopter and then carving your way down the untouched powder – a dream come true for many! But when is the best time to embark on this unforgettable experience?

Early Season – December to January

The early season, typically from December to January, is a fantastic time for heliskiing. During these months the snow is fresh and the mountains are covered with a thick layer of powder. The days are shorter, and the temperatures can be quite cold, but the excitement of skiing on untouched snow makes it all worthwhile.


  • Fresh, untouched snow
  • Quieter slopes, as fewer people venture out during the colder months.


  • Shorter days, limiting the amount of skiing time
  • Extreme cold temperatures.

Mid-Season – February to March

Mid-season, usually from February to March, is often considered prime time for heliskiing. During these months, the snowpack is at its most stable and the risk of avalanches is lower compared to the early and late season. The days are also longer, allowing for more time to explore the mountains and make the most of your heliskiing adventure.


  • Stable snowpack and lower avalanche risk
  • Longer days for more skiing time
  • Generally milder temperatures.


  • Increased popularity, resulting in busier slopes and a higher demand for heliskiing operators.

Late Season – April to May

The late season, which typically spans from April to May, can be an excellent time for those heliskiing enthusiasts who prefer a more laid-back experience. The snow may be more compact and slushier due to warmer temperatures, but the mountains are quieter and the days are even longer.


  • Quieter slopes and less competition for heliskiing spots
  • Longer days and more accessible terrain.


  • Compacted and slushier snow, which may not be ideal for some skiers
  • Higher risk of avalanches due to melting snow and changing snowpack conditions.

Choosing the Right Destination

Different locations offer varying snow conditions, terrains, and weather patterns so it’s essential to research your desired destination to ensure it aligns with your preferences and skill level.

Some popular heliskiing destinations are:

  • British Columbia, Canada: Known for its vast and varied terrain, deep powder, and stable snowpack during the peak season.
  • Alaska, USA: Renowned for its challenging slopes and incredibly deep snow, making it a top choice for experienced skiers.
  • New Zealand: An excellent option for those looking to heliski during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months (as New Zealand’s winter runs from June to August).
  • Chile: Boasting the magnificent Andes Mountains, Chile provides exceptional heliskiing opportunities with diverse terrain and consistently deep powder, particularly during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months of June to October.

Tips for Planning Your Trip

The ideal season for your heliskiing adventure will depend on personal preferences, skiing ability, and the specific location chosen. Consider the following tips:

  • Research your desired destination, taking into account factors like snow conditions, terrain, and weather patterns.
  • Consult with heliskiing operators to get expert advice on the best time to visit, based on your preferences and skill level.
  • Keep an eye on snow reports and weather forecasts as conditions can change rapidly in the mountains.
  • Be prepared for varying weather conditions, and pack appropriate gear such as layers, waterproof clothing, and avalanche safety equipment.
  • Ensure you have adequate travel insurance that covers heliskiing as it is considered a high-risk activity.

In conclusion, heliskiing offers an unparalleled skiing experience that combines adrenaline-pumping adventure with breathtaking scenery. By carefully considering the time of year and your chosen destination, you can ensure your heliskiing trip is both safe and unforgettable.

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