The Perks of Having A House Close To Nature


It is every nature lover’s dream to have a house surrounded by beautiful green trees, waking up to the smell of wood and listening to the whistle of the wind as it gently blows the autumn leaves. The positives most certainly outweigh the negatives when it comes to remote living and here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled some of the amazing benefits of having a house close to or within a green area.


One of the main reasons people decide to relocate or simply purchase a second home that is in close proximity to nature is because they wish to have peace and quiet. There is nothing more relaxing than the silence of the outdoors without any traffic noise, human chatter, and the overall uproar of a big, lively city. Imagine a completely stress-free environment where you can peacefully enjoy the serendipity of your surroundings and the only unpleasant noises which can be created would be by you.

Better Health

 The healing properties of nature have been proven over the years and not only are they great for your physical health but foryour mental one as well. Even spending half an hour breathing the fresh air could have a tremendous impact on your vitamin D intake which contributes to your better performing immune system, as well as the quality of your sleep. The green colour of the trees has a strong calming effect which can really boost your sleep quality and therefore make you feel much more refreshed and energetic. Additionally, your mental health would benefit greatly from being close to nature as many people who have anxiety and depression tend to reduce their symptoms after being exposed to the relaxing effects of the outdoors.

Fresh Air

 It is only when you lose something that you start appreciating it. Fresh air is one of those things and anyone who has been in a highly polluted area can confirm how amazing having fresh and clean air is. Air pollution has been a serious issue in many cities no matter how big or small they are. Today’s consumer mentality has a really negative effect on our whole environment, our carbon footprint has skyrocketed and that is the reason why many households have recently decided to escape the big city life and have indulged in the tranquility of country living. If you are sick of those constant fogs created by pollution and you cannot frequently visit your favourite natural parks, moving or investing in a second home may be the solution you have been looking for.

Clean Food Production

 Houses in the wild generally tend to have more space which you can utilise for your own food produce. In a world where everything is artificially enhanced, full of GMO and who knows what else there is in our everyday products, it is such a privilege to be able to have clean food right from your garden and being certain of its quality. You could even get yourself some farm animals that are easy to look after and soon you would have beautiful organic eggs or unprocessed cow’s milk. How amazing would that be, right?

Beautiful Landscape

 It is quite subjective as for many people having a view of skyscrapers or busy main streets can be more appealing than trees, leaves and rivers. However, there is a reason why people escape from the big cities for walks in nature and hiking in the mountains. The beauty of nature is undeniable so I doubt there will be anyone who would mind having a landscape view of the woods from their bedroom or living room. Having windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling is a must for your house if you live somewhere surrounded by nature. Imagine your morning where you would be sipping on your cup of warm coffee, looking outside your window and observing how the tree leaves move while enjoying the most peaceful time of your day.


 No more annoying neighbours, loud parties from across the street from you or kids lurking and trespassing on your property. The only thing you can expect to bother you and invade your privacy would be a squirrel or a fox. You no longer have to hide your valuables locked in a safe and can enjoy a peaceful and private life.

Whether you decide to settle down somewhere serene and isolated or remain in the big city, you cannot deny the perks that come along with living near nature and in no time you would become the healthiest version of yourself.

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