The Uniqueness of the Mandalika Circuit: Batik Motif on the Edge of the Track!


Travelers who love adventures will always choose unusual destinations or attractions. They always look for tourist attractions that have their own uniqueness, such as Panglipuran Bali Village, Komodo Island, Batu Bolong Beach, Kelimutu 3-Coloured Lake, etc.

Indonesia has been known because of its natural beauty. Recently, Indonesia has grabbed the world’s attention as the location for constructing the International MotoGP racing circuit, the Mandalika circuit. This circuit is located in Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province.

This time, we will discuss the unique sides of the Mandalika circuit. Let’s see!

1. The Use of Batik Motifs on Circuit Tracks

This is a unique thing that can only be found in the Mandalika circuit. Stunning batik motifs can be seen on some part of the runoff track. The motif is described as a typical Sasak-ikat cloth motif. The reason behind it, of course, is to introduce batik to the world. The colours used in these batik motifs also reflect the country’s flag using red and white. Indonesian pride indeed!

2. Advanced Asphalt, Anti-Slippery!

The construction of the Mandalika circuit is not an ordinary job because it uses advanced technology, Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA). This asphalt is considered the most sophisticated of its kind. Wow!

This asphalt consists of a coarse aggregate component as the top surface layer in more detail. The inside of the asphalt is made of cellulose fiber components with high water absorption. Therefore, the racers will not slip even when it rains or the road is wet.

3. Achieved 3 MURI (Indonesian World Records)

The construction of the Mandalika circuit is phenomenal, isn’t it? All the advanced technologies that are being used have achieved 3 MURI all at once! The MURI includes the construction of the first FIM-standard circuit. In addition, the circuit also uses Building Information Modeling asphalt technology. The circuit is heralded to have the fastest track with international standard building system.

4. Has a capacity for more than 450,000 spectators.

Estimated that more than 150,000 spectators will attend the race in Mandalika Circuit, this circuit has built two stands on the hill to accommodate more than 300,000 people to anticipate the overwhelming number of spectators. Cool!

5. Mandalika name is a legendary figure

The name of Mandalika given to this circuit is actually taken from the name of a legendary Sasak tribal figure. Mandalika was a beautiful royal princess. On the day of Mandalika marriage proposal, she gathered people on the hill where she was expected to choose one of the candidates.

But instead Mandalika jumped off the hill and plunged under it, the location now known as the Seger Beach. She was lost in the waves, and until today, local people continue to hold a Bau Nyale ceremony for Mandalika.

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