Top Recommended Tourist places near Amritsar


Thanks to its hospitality, Amritsar is one of the fascinating places of Punjab that allures innumerable guests from all over the world.

A city that teaches us to be humble and free from discrimination wins ample heart for the sacrifices it made for our country. The town that proudly boasts about its lip-smacking food and heritage additionally enjoys an admirer following amongst the shopping lovers.

Let’s explore the five prominent tourist places near Amritsar that can blow the mind of its guests in no time.

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#1 The Golden Temple

The golden temple Amritsar is the gurudwara with a golden dome and is one amongst the holiest place for the Sikh community. Alternatively known as Shri Harmindar Sahib, the gurudwara believes in equality and acceptance and thus is open for people of any caste, religion or ethnicity. The tranquility in the air and the soft chantings of the Gurbani acts as a purifier that filters down all the negativity in seconds.

The gurudwara has a sacred pool that is believed to possess medicinal properties. The gurudwara additionally provides free shelter to the needy and serves free food as langar in its community kitchen. The temple looks even more spectacular in the evenings when its lights are on.

Another key attraction of the gurudwara is the newly renovated street with beautiful statues and shops.

#2 The Jallianwalla Bagh

The Jallianwalla Bagh is a public garden that had to witness the ugliest aspect of the British army in 1919. The garden that was experiencing the joy and celebrations of Baisakh, shortly clad to be Amritsar’s massacre. The walls of the historical place still possess the bullet marks that solely freshens up our wrath. The well which was used by several women to save theirs and their children’s life still holds its position uptight.

It is one of the significant places in our country that makes us understand the worth of our freedom. A garden that is recreated into a memorial to honour our martyrs is a must to visit place in Amritsar. The bagh is at a walking distance from the golden temple and has no entry ticket.

#3 The Wagah Bord

One of the most visited places of Amritsar is the Wagah-Attari border that promises an exhilarating experience on each visit. The major attraction of this border is the beating retreat ceremony that is conducted by the BSF soldiers every evening.

The ceremony that is popular for its high-spirited parade, is known to trigger the tsunami of patriotism amongst the spectators. The one-hour ceremony that pumps its guests with a mixed emotion of pride and anger is an incredible experience no one wishes to miss.

#4 Harike Wetland

The home to many migratory birds and endangered aquatic beings, the Harike wetland is one amongst the bewitching bird sanctuaries of India. Located at the border of Ferozpur and Amritsar, it is known as the largest wetland of Northern India. The wetland is additionally known as Hari kepattan and offers a calming and pleasant site to its guests.

A local picnic spot to a paradise for the bird watchers, this gorgeous place is a mystical beauty away from the hustle of the urban life.

#5 Rock Garden in Chandigarh

Close to Amritsar is another beautiful city of Punjab that enjoys the fame of a capital city. The Rock Garden of this well-planned city is a must to see places for any travel enthusiast. Alternatively known as the Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, it is a sculpture garden that highlights the creativity of recycled products.

The place that is close to 230 kms away from Amritsar, indeed implies as a beautiful amalgamation of art and nature. With many picturesque spots including few man-made waterfalls leaves the travelers to unwind in the laps of nature.

Summary & Conclusion

The land of Punjab also flaunts the Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Museum that exhibits the belongings of the first ruler of the state and the beautiful Durga temple known as the Durgiana temple to its list of tourists.

Other than these major attractions, the food lovers can binge on the traditional Punjabi delicacies and butter infused Dhaba dishes. Additionally, there is a lot to please a shopaholic ranging from Punjabi Jutis to Phulkari dupattas.

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