Top Tourist Places To Visit At Bhutan


Bhutan is a country found in the Himalaya Mountains which is between China and India. In the Southern area, the weather is humid and hot. In the northern areas, the temperature is low and cold since it is near the mountains.

Indeed, Bhutan is rich in diversity and culture. From time to time, various celebrations are being held in the country. The people gather to share their meals, have their traditional dance, and drink their traditional wine. Indeed, their celebrations are a good way to gather and catch up with everyone in the community.

Today is the best day to go to Bhutan! As such, here are some of the top tourist places that you must visit in Bhutan now!

Buddha Dordenma Statue

This statute measures 169 feet tall which were built at the foot of the hills in Thimpu. This bronze and gold statue is visible in Thimpu. It is known as the KunzangPhodrang which symbolizes the dominance of Buddhism in the country. Indeed, this religion plays a major role in the life of the people and the whole country of Bhutan. At the roadsides, you can see the strings of flags. There are also several praying wheels found around the clock tower.

There are various paintings on the walls and small temples around which are made of cement and rock. Inside the Dordenma Statue, there are 125,000 small figurines of Lord Buddha. Visit Bhutan now via the Drukair.

Chele La Pass

The Chele La pass has an altitude of 3,989 meters which makes it one of the must-visit tourist places in Bhutan. It is an en-route to the Haa Valley in Paro. From here, you can experience the Jomolharimountain especially if it is a nice and clear day. You can also see the adjacent peaks from the northwest side. Furthermore, you can also have a chance to see the valleys of Paro and Haa. There are resorts, hotels, and homestays in Paro that organize tours to Chele La Pass in an affordable package deal.

Chele La Pass can be found 1300 feet above the west from the Paro valley. It is considered as the highest road pass of Bhutan. It is surrounded by amazing views of Mount Jomolhari and the Himalayan range. From the valley floor of Paro, you have to drive one and a half hours before reaching this beautiful tourist attraction.

Moreover, one attraction of Chele La Pass is the Haa summer festival. This symbolizes the rich culture and tradition of the nomadic heaps. You and your friends can have a small excursion which can take 2 and half hours. Fly to Bhutan now via the Drukair.


The second-largest dzong or fort in Bhutan is known as the PunakhaDzong. This place speaks of the beautiful traditions and stories of the Buddist culture.

Punakha is considered as Bhutan’s winter capital. The head clergy of Bhutan is known to spend his winter in this place. It is situated at 1,200 meters and no one will suffer oxygen shortage or height sickness from here.

This is where the first national assembly of Bhutan was held. To finish the structure of this building, it took them a year. Almost all the national treasure of the country is kept here. You can also find the intricate paintings, sacred relics of the southern Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, and the sacred remains of the tertonPemaLingpa and NgawangNamgyal. Be at Bhutan now via the Drukasia.


RinpungDzong was built in the 16th century and it features its beautiful fort known as dzong and towering walls. This is one of the best examples of classic Bhutanese architecture and it is known as the ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels.’

Within the area, you can find various shrines and temples. Some of the popular shrines are the Sandalwood stupa, Kungarwa, Monk’s assembly hall, and protector’s shrine. Each year, they conduct a religious festival wherein the people meet, eat, and dance. It starts from the eleventh day and lasts until the fifteenth day of March or April. It is marked in the lunar calendar of Bhutan.

During this festival known as ‘Tshechu’, holy images are being carried by people in a procession. Then, there are mask dances that tell stories. These are performed by the monks for several days. On the 15th day before dawn breaks, a banner with eight manifestations is being shown to the public. The tradition provides that there will be no sunlight that will fall on the banner. Visit Bhutan now via DrukAsia.

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