Turn Your Laptop Roller Case into A Carry On | Nasher Miles Shares Golden Rules For A Short Business Trip


Laptop roller cases or a rolling laptop bag can be a savior for on-the-go professionals. Brands like Nasher Miles offer laptop bags for men and women that can be turned into carry-on. Whether you’re heading for a business meeting from New Delhi to Mumbai or New York to Massachusetts, a laptop roller case can carry all your essentials safely. Every modern professional wants to save the hassle of check-in luggage during short business trips.

A laptop bag can essentially accommodate your laptop besides comfortably stashing things that you’d need. However, business travelers often find themselves in a tough situation when deciding what to leave and what to pack in a laptop roller case.

Listed below are some golden rules when packing your laptop roller case and using it as a carry-on.

1. Less is more

According to Nasher Miles, this is one rule every business traveler must follow for an overnight or round trip. The mantra is to not leave what’s essential while resisting the urge that says, “what if, I needed it?

2. Fold your clothing

The regular practice of rolling every piece of clothing doesn’t hold for packing in laptop roller cases for business travelers. The traveler-approved approach recommends folding your outfits along the seams to keep them wrinkle-free and ready-to-use.

3. Make everything count

Most importantly, utilize each and every compartment to the fullest. The front organizer pocket can hold important documents, business cards, and stationery. The padded main compartment can carry a pair of clothing and shoes, while the laptop compartment can ensure safety for your laptop.

Remember, meticulous packing can save you from the hassle of check-in luggage. Plan smartly!

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