Why Taking Decision of Holidays in Patagonia and Central America iss Totally Worth It?


If you love the wholesome goodness of great outdoors, adventure, accommodation and relaxation spots then these places will totally excite you to another level.

From the guide book of experts, we bring to you the best ever exciting spots that are as follows:

  • Try out amazing sea food: The secret recipes out here will surely increase your appetite. If you are sea food lover then worth trying out here is large shrimp, Prawns and Calamar. Patagonia is perfect for group travelers, solo travelers or backpackers.Patagonia tours are available with reputed tour operators if you love the feel of luxurious holidays.
  • Visit Costa Rica: This place is truly nature’s paradise. It is inseparable fact that even wildlife should be discussed well. Central America tour is perfect to give you a distinctive holiday experience.
  • Thrill yourself with outdoor adventures: The good scenic backdrop, awesome climate and umpteen activities at El Chalten is amazing to keep your interest. Most amazing out here is horse riding and ice trek courses here.
  • Whale watch in Puerto Madryn: This is the most different and distinctive whale watching spot. The coastlines nearingCalta Valdes are considered to be one of the top notch breeding spots. Best time to watch them is from June to December.
  • Check out the lesser crowded places at Estanica: If you love spending your time with lesser crowded places, then this place is perfect for you. When you stay here you could also enjoy traditional style of barbeque and much more.
  • Be active recipient of some amazing water sports: Multiday excursions and night dives are perfect to experiment with something new and have a best experience. Wind surfing sports activities are must try at Playa Tomas Curti.
  • Trek to Monte Tronador: Majorly done in summer, the well marked trails even make it easier to find in the route. You could even find the horseback rides in first half of the trails. The reputed tour operators see to it that you don’t miss out any prominent spots.
  • Snorkel with sea lions at Punta Loma: Lounging on the shores or playing in the waters of Gulfo Nuevo. This playful sea lions will surely give you one of kind snorkeling experiences.
  • Viedma Glacier: If you are the one who doesn’t wishes to have the opportunity of hiking at the glacier then this spot will give you magnificent experience. The secret of this place it is often less crowded and truly promising one. This place has scenic background and when you are here, you will surely go back with lot of photographs.
  • Tierra Del FuegoNational park: Worthy to explore snow capped peaks and beach forests here. This place remains to be totally unaffected with modern advancements.

Be it group bookings or solo travelling these places are safe and perfect to be added up on your bucket list. From ecotourism perspective too these are great places to explore and promising one to offer you distinctive holiday feel.

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