Why the Gagarinn Hotel Odessa Ukraine Should Be Your Next Destination


Ukraine has hotels in abundance and virtually every hotel has something that makes it stand out. So much so that people often find it hard to decide which one they should go for. From different themes to different amenities the Ukraine hoteling scene is among the best in the world. Speaking of the best, the Gagarinn Hotel in Odessa Ukraine is definitely one of Ukraine’s best if not the best. You may be wondering what this hotel has to offer that is better than other Ukraine hotels. Well, that is what we will precisely discuss in article.

So without further ado, let’s break down what makes the Gagarinn Hotel in Odessa Ukraine one of the best hotels:

1. Pet Friendly

Everybody loves their pets. Most people treat them like family. They do not like to leave them behind no matter where they go. This includes hotels as well. Keeping this in mind, the higher ups of the Gagarin hotel decided to make it pet friendly. Visitors can bring their pets along in this hotel without any problem. Most importantly, there are several amenities in this hotel that are there specifically for pet care and pet amusement. So, even if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the hotel while leaving your pet behind for a while, you can do that without worrying about anything.

2. Unique Restaurant and Bar Lounge

Unlike many hotels, the Gagarinn Hotel has done something different with its restaurant and bar lounges. The restaurant offers different kinds of food items from various cultures making it convenient from visitors coming from different areas of the globe. The food hub restaurant of Hotel Gagarinn in particular, is present on the hotel’s second floor and is more than capable of hosting around three hundred guests. It is an excellent place for special events, corporate events, business meetings, and even ordinary luncheons. No matter what the event is the food is always great. The variety is enough to tantalize virtually everybody’s taste buds.

The restaurant offers Ukrainian, Asian, European, as well as the local cuisine from Odessa. Moreover, the cocktail menu is also quite diverse. The high quality service and hospitality of this restaurant guarantees that the guest’ stay at this hotel is as good as it gets. If you are an early bird and prefer to have early breakfast. You can get it as early as 7 am. The restaurant also delivers breakfast and all other meals to rooms too.

3. Comfortable and Stylish Family Suite

Hotel Gagarinns family suite consists of a living room along with two bedrooms. All of the bed rooms and living rooms are designed with renowned European Styles in mind. When you open up the windows of these rooms, city and sea’s beautiful view will welcome your eyes. All of the rooms are present on the hotel’s thirteenth floor. They contain, queen sized beds, latest furniture, modern gadgets, along with huge expandable sofas inside living rooms.  If you opt for the family suite, you will enjoy the luxury of two individual bathrooms. One of the bathrooms contains a shower, while the other one has a bath.

4. Studio

Hotel Gagarinn’s studio contains two different zones. One is a living room, while the other one is a bed room. There are also variants when it comes to window views. First, there is the city, and then, there is the sea. The studio rooms are present on the eightth and nineteenth floor. One studio room can easily accommodate 4 guests.

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