Your Best Budget Hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok


Do you desire to stay on the beautiful and centrally located Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, but you don’t want to break the bank doing so? If so, you may have realized there are quite a few options for hotels in this particular area of Bangkok and you may not know where to begin. So, look no further than these easy to follow tips and you’ll have found the perfect budget hotel for you in no time.

Budget Price Without the Budget Room

You want to pay a reasonable, budget-friendly price, but that doesn’t mean you want your room to be tiny, the beds to be uncomfortable or the showers to be dirty. Just because you want to pay a budget price doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on your room’s quality. At the best budget-friendly hotels on Sukhumvit, you’ll notice incredible room options at the reasonable price you’re looking for. For example, keep an eye out for hotels that mention things such as marble flooring, air conditioning, king sized beds, and even bathrobes.

Featured Services

You might be paying a budget price, but you should still have high expectations when it comes to the services offered at a hotel. At the best budget hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit, you’ll find services like free breakfast (with both local and international options available), discounted laundry services, free, high-speed WiFi in all rooms, free parking, late check-out options, and even a voucher for 10% off your next stay! Additionally, you should also expect standard services, such as 24-hour reception, a clean, relaxing hotel ambiance, a friendly, helpful staff, smoking and non-smoking rooms, dining options, room service, and clean, enjoyable rooms. While searching for the hotel that’s perfect for you, keep services like these in mind.

Location Is Key

You’ve decided to stay on Sukhumvit Road and there’d be nothing worse than arriving to your budget hotel only to realize the reason it’s so budget-friendly is that it’s actually not centrally located. This is an unfortunate trick of many hotels and the way they’re able to offer a budget price. That being said, the most outstanding budget hotels won’t have any pesky schemes up their sleeves. The best budget hotels will advertise their location as being centrally located right on Sukhumvit and they can be trusted to their word. Be sure, while in the midst of your search, to ask for address specifics and cross check this with Internet maps.


The highest quality budget hotels in this area of Bangkok offer excellent promotions to their future, current, and past guests. For example, some hotels may offer specials for booking in advance, special vouchers you can use during your stay, and even special discounts for specific booking periods around holidays. Be sure to check through a hotel’s website for great promotions you can take advantage of during your stay and even after you leave.

Choosing the perfect budget hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok doesn’t have to be a complicated or overwhelming process. Just remember these four tips and you’ll be booking in no time!

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