3 Fun Indoor Activities for Wintertime Visitors to Niagara Falls


When most of us think of Niagara Falls, our minds go directly to the iconic falls – which are among the most mesmerizing miracles of the natural world. However, as anyone who’s visited the area can attest, the falls themselves are far from the only attraction. While the falls are undeniably the main draw, there are abundant activities and attractions visitors can enjoy in the surrounding area. Because of the cold winters found in Canada and upstate New York, many people shy away from visiting Niagara during the winter months. Unfortunately, in doing so, they’re depriving themselves of a rollicking good time.

1. Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom is a fun, educational indoor attraction for visitors of all ages. The largest free-flying aviary in the world, Bird Kingdom provides guests with an opportunity to observe and interact with a seemingly endless variety of birds. Bird Kingdom encompasses an expansive, multi-level indoor rain forest that takes visitors on an eye-opening journey and introduces them to bird species they never knew existed. Additionally, visitors who are feeling extra brave are encouraged to check out Bird Kingdom’s Night Jungle, which is populated by bats, owls, spiders and other nocturnal creatures – all of which are put away and unable to directly interact with guests. Furthermore, visitors who love Bird Kingdom are sure to enjoy a trip to Niagara’s Butterfly Conservatory, which is home to over 60 species of butterfly.


2. Fallsview Indoor Water Park

Although trips to water parks are commonly associated with summer, guests are free to enjoy Fallsview Indoor Water Park all year long. So, if you and your crew are in the mood for swimming and waterslides during the frosty winter months, look no further than Fallsview. With 16 wild waterslides and an enormous wave pool, Fallsview provides guests with first-rate water park fun year-round. As an added bonus, it’s easy to find discount packages and coupons for Fallsview, as well as various Niagara Falls restaurants.

3. Nightmares Fear Factory

Visitors who love a good scare can’t go home without checking out Nightmares Fear Factory. One of the world’s most popular haunted houses, Nightmares Fear Factory is the perfect place for horror buffs to test their mettle. So frightening is this state-of-the-art haunted house that over 160,000 visitors have chickened out before reaching the end. To sweeten the deal, Nightmares offers convenient ticket discounts to groups of four people or more. So, if you’re traveling with friends or family members, you may be able to get your scares at a reduced rate.

While nothing quite compares to the majesty and wonder of Niagara Falls, the iconic falls are far from the only thing the area has to offer. It’s easy to see why potential visitors would want to wait until summer to book their tickets, but Niagara Falls is home to countless indoor activities that are sure to provide wintertime travelers with abundant enjoyment. Anyone on the hunt for a winter travel destination that won’t skimp on the fun should chart a course for Niagara Falls.

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