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When you think about beer, the word “garden” does not seem to fit next to it. Of course, hops are grown, just like barley and rice, but these ingredients are grown on farms and not in gardens. However, beer gardens are real things and are starting to attract attention in the United States.

A beer garden is a large open environment shaded by trees, gravel land, not a road, and seats are common benches, not chairs like Lower Plenty beer garden. People come to the pub to enjoy beer, food, the company of others, and a good outdoor life. This is rare in the United States, as most establishments offer only a patio or terrace with tables and chairs. Public places? Doesn’t sound very American, right? This is because beer gardens actually originated in Bavaria, Germany.

Short history

In the 19th century, beer gardens began to appear in Germany. King Ludwig I (King Louis I) ruled the same way as dark beer. This beer had to be brewed in the winter, as it had to be brewed at a temperature of 4 and 8 degrees Celsius. In the summer, these beers will be served, but they also had to stay cold. Breweries dug up wineries on the banks of the Isar River to store beer, covered these wineries with gravel as insulation, and finally planted chestnuts so that the leaves obscured the beer.

Since all the major breweries were doing this, and people still wanted to drink beer, these areas were quickly becoming hot spots for people in large cities such as Munich. With gravel at your feet and tufts of chestnut on your head, the name Biergarten or beer garden quickly took root in German culture.

Small breweries still existed in Munich at that time and felt the loss of patronage from the Munich side and decided to ask King Ludwig I to ban food sales in these establishments. While the king provided this, larger breweries allowed customers to bring their food. It was a big customer battle that could rival the gas wars in the United States in the 1980s.

Beer gardens, although popular in Germany, have just begun to take root in the United States. The oldest garden in the United States is Bohemian Hall, New York. Serving sausages and traditional German dishes and beer. Although they do not serve a lot of craft beer, they serve several breweries, and the New York Community of beer consumers gathers every weekend in the Bohemian Hall.


Stone Brewing has opened the Stone World Bistro and Beer Garden in Escondido, California. This institution is completely opposite the Bohemian Hall. The establishment is more than beautiful and very luxurious with leather and oak everywhere.

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