5 Historic Attractions You Have To See In Philadelphia


Every single city has a unique vibe and feel and when it comes to Philadelphia, history is right at home. There are some incredible local historic sites you can visit. In fact, they are a huge part of the aura of the entire city. Tourists can enjoy interesting statues, famous buildings, parks, scenic historic sites, landmarks, famous buildings, and countless historic homes. The hotspots below are just some of the best history buffs will surely enjoy.

Elfreth’s Alley

This street was built in 1702 and it is still residential. You want to visit because it is interactive and historic at the same time. You will be walking down a beautiful cobblestoned alley and get a perfect close-up look at the architecture of years passed. If you visit during summer, you can also enjoy one of the numerous historic demonstrations, reenactments, festivals, and special events.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

This Revolutionary War landmark was the site of the 1777 encampment of George Washington so it is clear that history is a characteristic of Valley Forge. We are talking about a park run by the National Park Service. It is perfect if you are a nature lover and a history buff at the same time. The park is definitely picturesque and a recreational or learning experience for people of all ages. With a little extra fee, you can enjoy a private tour of two hours that teaches you the history of the area.

Liberty Bell

If you visit Philadelphia, love history, and can only see one site, this is it. When it comes to American freedom, you will not find a more important and recognized symbol. Several informative plaques will teach you more about US history and the simple experience of seeing the bell is enough for many. Make sure to take a photograph during spring or summer and take in this symbol of American freedom.

Independence Hall

If by any chance you do not know about Liberty Bell, you surely know about Independence Hall. This is where the US Declaration of Independence was announced and approved. The Independence Hall itself finished being built in 1756 and it saw many important moments in history. As a tourist, you will surely love the fact that the structure is restored and opened every single day of the year for visitors. Visiting is free but you can also get some timed tickets to enjoy the visit more.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Last but not least, this was the first true penitentiary in the world. The prison is old, filled with haunting stories, and held some of the most notorious criminals of America, including Al Capone. You can take photographs and as you walk through the halls, you will learn more about the former residents. Make sure to pay close attention to the hospital section since it is particularly impressive.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Philadelphia is the type of city where you find absolutely everything you can imagine. This includes restaurants, truck accident law firms, boutiques, parks, and some truly incredible historic sites. Make sure to allow yourself more than just a couple of days and you will surely enjoy it.

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