Detroit’s Most Interesting Hidden Gems


Detroit looks right now like a city that is recovering. A new hockey stadium is being built, the Pistons are moving, and several restaurants recently opened. And more and more tourists start to visit an US city with a rather bad history. Obviously, most people visit the big attractions and the top tourist hot spots. If you do not like the crowds though, you might want to consider the following hidden gems, which locals really love.

The Guardian Building

If you love art, you are going to love the Guardian Building. You are surrounded by a true work of art as soon as you walk in. The ceilings have really intricate designs and all three stories are stunning. The building is locally known as the Cathedral of Finance. Tours are available for those interested.

The Belle Isle Aquarium

This incredible aquarium is actually the older running in the entire North American continent as it was opened in the year 1904. It did end up closed in 2005 but it reopened in the year 2012. Right now, it is a stunning hidden gem in Detroit with green arched glass ceilings that will make you feel as if you are underwater.

Two James Distillery

You can find this distillery in Corktown, which is an old neighborhood of Detroit you do want to see if you want to experience something historic. As a visitor, you can gain access to the tasting room. There, you can enjoy spirits created by the distillery and some very fine cocktails.

Fox Theater

There are not many movie theaters in the US that were opened during the 1920s and the Fox Theatre in Detroit is one of them. You want to see it because of its dazzling architecture. You will get that old Hollywood feeling you only saw in movies when you visit. Shows are still held and you can see musicians, including some of the most famous ones.

Whitney Manor

While it is very easy to see the Whitney Manor, most tourists have no idea it exists. What is interesting about it is that it was built during the 1700s. This is where David Whitney Jr., one of the wealthiest people of Detroit resided. As a tourist, you can actually dine inside. This allows you to learn about the very interesting history of the manor.

Henry The Hatter

Looking for the oldest retailer of hats in the country? Look no further. Henry The Hatter welcomes anyone and sells several different hats. You can also learn a lot about Henry Komrofsky, the local that established the shop in the year 1893. The hat store can be visited on Broadway Street.

Astro Café

Last but not least, if you are looking for a really special café, check this out in Detroit. It is small, located in Corktown, and features so many delicious chocolates coming from Paris and Vietnam, together with roasters from every corner of the world. You can find it on Michigan Avenue.

Detroit – Much More Than Initially Imagined

As you can see, there are several hidden gems you can experience in Detroit and with a little bit of research, you will surely find something very attractive for you. You can find anything you want from incredible small cafes to professional personal injury lawyers in Detroit. The city is safer and more attractive than ever.

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