Few Informative Tips on the Importance of Theory Test


While preparing for driving test in UK one needs to pass few theory and practical tests to have the driving permits. If you are planning to apply for driving license, it is natural that you will be confused as you will find the whole exam preparation and about the right ways to adapt to pass the exams. Generally, the candidates are most concerned about the theory test for stopping distances. For more visit Volvo Business Lease.

Here are few tips to help you know clearly about stopping distance:

  • Know about stopping distance: In simple terms, it is the total distance you move in the vehicle before applying the brakes till your vehicle comes to a total stop. Even the distance travelled after applying the break is calculated as the stopping distance. This means the distance when you think about applying break and the distance after applying break till the vehicle stops is calculated.
  • You need to remember the speed distance formula: It is like if you are starting with 20mph, then multiply the speed with intervals of 0.5 like beginning with 2, 2.5, 3. 3.5 and like that. To make it simpler when your speed is 20mph at start of brake application, then multiply by 2, it will be 40feet or three car lengths.
  • The need to calculate stopping distance: This approximate distance calculation will help your vehicle to stop at a safe distance. If your vehicle stops lesser than the calculated distance there may be risk.

Candidates before book driving theory test need to know many matters like stopping distance. If you are not clear about certain terms, you can always have help from the websites ready to answer your queries regarding driving license test. Usually, the stopping distance is calculated by considering the speed before the brake is applied. However, there are multiple factors to consider that affects your vehicle stopping distance. For more visit Volvo Secondhand Car.

Know the factors:

  • Depends upon the vehicle speed. If it is fast, then need to slow down before applying break for safe driving.
  • Whether you are going down the hill or moving the vehicle up the hill. While you are going down the speed will be more while coming up the hill the vehicle speed is less, thus you need to calculate as per the speed.
  • Depends upon the road condition. Whether it is rough, smooth, wet, dry or icy. The friction of the road matters a lot while applying brake of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle tyres. Whether the tyres are inflated or not inflated. Even worn out tyres may place great difficulty in correctly calculating the stopping distance of the vehicle after applying brake. The grip on the road of the tyre matters a lot for safe consideration of stopping distance.
  • Proper functioning of brakes plays a great role to estimate the stopping distance. Malfunctioning of brakes won’t be helpful in stopping the vehicle at a safe distance.
  • Your experience as a driver. Your driving skill and present attitude towards driving has great effect on applying the brakes of vehicle at the right time.
  • Distractions while driving. It can be using your mobile, listening to songs, talking with your passengers or your mindset. Any factor may distract you while calculating the stopping distance approximately at the right time.

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