How to book flights in India


We all are aware of how invoices of travel agents can tear down your pockets while booking flights in India. The internet allows grabbing the best deal and using cheaper daysif you have date flexibility, then why not book your tickets next time you plan travelling and save up on those extra bucks? Here’s a step by step guide to booking yourself a flight ticket in a hassle-free way, withoutthe need of help from anyone or paying any other extra charges:

  1. Lookup for flights on the internet. If it’s an international trip, then book far more inadvance. If it’s a local trip, and you are certain that the two airports are not too busy, then it’sadvisable to book your tickets anytime between 112 to 21 days prior to departure. Bookinga flight in India exactly 54 days before departure is considered as the most profitablebargain.
  2. Check out websites that have special discount coupons for various airlines. Also remember, using the same site for future booking may reap you loyalty benefits in terms of the site-ecash. This ecash can be utilized on products on the site.
  3. Go to websites that give you access to data of multiple flights in the same time frame anddestination. You can sort through the chaff and pick your best flight by comparing prices,timing, stops, amenities, length of the trip, and specific brands. You should also be careful iftwo different flights land in different airports of the same city (mostly International). In this case, you can choose the one thatis closer to your accommodation.
  4. Once you have chosen, search for the same flight number on the airline’s website.Sometimes, while booking a flight in India, aggregator websites have hidden surcharges, andhence, they lead to paying more in the name of convenience. This is why it’s advisable to bookyour flights from an airline’s official portal.
  5. Most probably, your airline would ask for your preferred seat. You can choose the aisle,window, or middle seat – according to your convenience. You can also opt forupgrades like extra legroom or infant arrangements. Book a hotel room or a cab with the same website to enjoy exciting offers.
  6. If you want to gettravel insurance for the trip, werecommend acknowledging on priority if your itinerary is in an actual need of insurance.
  7. Finally, click the ‘confirm’ tab and book your tickets. Select your payment mode – you canuse your credit and debit cards, online portals like PayTM, PhonePe, BHIM etc., and coupons and vouchers to make the payment.

After you have made the booking, don’t forget totake a screenshot and check your emails if you have received the receipt of payment and your tickets. Contact your airline or travel portal incase you do not receive the same.

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