Great Things to Do in the Hudson Valley, New York


The Hudson Valley is known for its natural beauty. The valley has been filled with history dating back to Native American tribes all the way to becoming the gateway to New York City from the north. Nowadays, the area is an up-and-coming tourist destination with a bustling hiking scene.

With so many things to do in the Hudson Valley, it can be hard to pick just a few options! However, here are a few attractions you’re going to want to make sure not to miss.

Hudson Valley attractions

One of the most popular activities here is hiking. The Hudson Valley has many beautiful trails to explore, and you can find one that suits your needs by checking out the website

The Hudson River is also a great place to visit in this area, with kayaking and canoeing available at Bear Mountain State Park. There’s even a scenic boat ride that departs from Harriman State Park in the summertime.

If you love watching movies outdoors, the Hudson Valley offers many opportunities for that as well! In addition to theaters like the Woodstock Film Festival, there are also numerous events and festivals throughout the year. Keep an eye out for a number of them especially in the sumer months.

Croton Gorge Park is the perfect place to bring kids. You can take them over the gorge that once used to hold the city’s water supply, or you can enjoy a picnic in the park and take a short hike on one of the local trails.

Drive about an hour north of Newburgh and you’ll reach Poughkeepsie. Known as “the city of churches,” it boasts a historic downtown that is home to over sixty different churches dating back to 1790. These churches are some of the most architecturally significant in America because they embody many different architectural styles throughout their histories and have been designated National Historic Landmarks.

The Hudson Valley Railway (HVR) is a tourist train that runs through the valleys of New York State and Vermont and is another amazing thing to check out when you are in the area. The HVR passes through some of the most scenic areas of the region, including Lake George, Saratoga Springs, and Brattleboro. Depending on how much time you have, you’ll want to stop at every spot!

On your way to Kingston from Poughkeepsie, you might want to stop by at the Catamount Arts Center. This center is home to nearly three hundred paintings, drawings, sculptures and other pieces that span over six centuries. It also hosts various shows throughout the year including poetry readings and lectures on cultures from around the world.


There’s a reason that so many people tend to head to the Hudson Valley from New York City. Between the amazing hiking, various historical landmarks, great restaurants, and natural beauty, you have a lot to explore on your trip up north. It features options for all types of interests, including family-friendly attractions and activities, romantic adventures, and cultural excursions.

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