Why you need to visit Raja Ampat via charter yacht


Head off the well-cruised path of the Mediterranean and explore a unique charter destination like no other. The Raja Ampat are an Indonesian archipelago located off the tip of Bird’s Head peninsula in West Papua and remain one of the most stunning cruising grounds. Comprising over 1,500 sparsely inhabited jungle-covered islands, cays and shoals, Raja Ampat is home to pristine sand beaches, rich coral reefs and exotic wildlife waiting to be discovered. A Raja Ampat yacht charter will take you right into the heart of this magnificent destination, where words like enchanting, surreal and fascinating truly come to life. The tropical dream destination, we list five reasons you need to visit Raja Ampat via charter yacht.


As most of the islands within the archipelago are inhabited, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. Choose to take the tender ashore a small islet and enjoy a day of swimming, watersports and tanning in utter seclusion, or head to one of the larger islands to visit some of the more populated beaches. Wayag Island is known for its stunning, fine white-sand beaches where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the bays and small isles. The island of Misool is home to beautiful coves, lagoons and small isles surrounded by powder-soft sand, ideal for hiking and tanning.


Arguably the best diving destination in the world, Raja Ampat is the epicentre of biodiversity. Home to over 500 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of fish and 700 types of molluscs, approximately 75% of the world’s marine species live here. As Raja Ampat covers 9.8 million acres of land and sea, you will not have to worry about swimming in overcrowded waters – these glistening waters are a true divers paradise. Choose from more than 200 dive sites, including the famous Boo Windows, home to a kaleidoscope of soft corals, the Dampier Strait, an underwater haven of colourful corals and tropical fish and Misool, which is known for its underwater caves and pinnacles bustling with turtles and barracuda. Be sure to visit Cape Kri, the most famous dive site, which is known for having the most species of reef fish in the world.

History & Culture

Retaining a rich history, Raja Ampat’s past is honoured by several native tribes who still live in the archipelago. Although there are not many large tourist sites to visit, unlike other yachting hotspots, many villages are home to warm and welcoming locals, who will gladly share their traditions and customs with you. By the villages of Waifoi and Warimak on the shore of Mayalibit Bay, Waigeo, the indigenous Ambel Maya communities that live around its shores, developed a unique network of trekking trails and hiking lodges to the jungles inland. Enjoy a day in their life and see how they live, visit their cultural sites and cultivate deeper respect and appreciation of their values.


The varying landscapes that compromise Raja Ampat will ensure you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and all her wonders. Home to thick jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, the island of Waigeo is the ideal place for trekking and wildlife spotting. Offering several hiking trails and river valleys, immerse yourself in the rainforest, visit its many villages and learn more about the famous naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace’s quest to find the rare Red Bird of Paradise. The bright array of exotic flora and fauna will only invite your curiosity and leave you wanting to discover more.

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