Seven Maui Snorkeling Spots That are Perfect for Beginners According to Taylor Studniski


Your family can make a Maui beach day a memorable experience for all generations. However, if the kids or you are snorkeling newbies, that magic can become a nightmare if surf conditions are unfriendly. In this article, Taylor Studniski helps you discover the best spots to create relaxed memories while preserving your sanity along your path to the beach.

Here’s what Taylor Studniski considered when choosing his list of the best beaches in Maui for beginners:

● Predictable ocean conditions include shallow water, fewer waves and geographically protected areas. ● A bounty of sea life: turtles and fish. ● Relaxed environment: fewer people, open sandy beach, shade. ● Nearby facilities include toilets, showers and grassy areas. ● Food options are nearby. ● Accessibility: Easy parking and a direct walk to the beach. Seven Maui Snorkeling Spots Perfect for Beginners Kapalua Bay Kapalua Bay has been awarded the national top honor of the best beach multiple times. Kapalua is a perfect half-moon beach, offering kids the chance to snorkel along its northern rim. You can also find turtles near Merriman’s Restaurant at deeper depths. Kapalua Bay’s natural beauty will amaze you. It’s like being inside a postcard. You should expect to pay to park at Kapalua Bay, but it is easy to reach most days of the summer. You will find restrooms and showers right above the beach.


Baby Beach is a treasure trove for families. There are fewer waves than other beaches and Lahaina, which literally means “unrelenting sun”, is beautiful every day. Your family will have plenty of room to play with the Maui Beach Bundle, which includes more than 200 feet of shallow water at depths less than 4 feet. “Baby Beach” is a popular spot for adults to gather, although there are enough sandy beaches for everyone to make their own area. There are many food options in the nearby Lahaina Town.

Kahekili Beach Park (Airport Beach)

Taylor Studniski knows that Kahekili is a popular snorkeling spot in Maui in some part because of its charm – the huge, free parking lot. It’s difficult to find free parking at Maui’s most famous beaches. However, Kahekili Beach Park makes it possible. Commonly known as “Airport Beach”, because small planes used to land and take off from there until 1986, you can usually find a spot for your car rental at Kahekili Beach Park even if you arrive last minute. Once you have settled down in the soft, luscious sand, there is a natural reef just 10 feet from the shoreline. This is a great place for snorkeling in shallower waters, as turtles and tropical fish love to eat the algae.

Start creating memorable memories in Maui by choosing your favorite family-friendly beach from Taylor Studniski’s list!

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