Top Things to Do in Crete


Are you obsessed with island holidays and just searching for the next destination? Then, Crete is a perfect getaway. Even if you have already been there, this largest Greek island definitely has something to surprise. Being the home to the ancient Minoan civilization in the past, it boasts a rich history and varied architectural heritage. But it’s not the limit.

Impeccable beaches, breathtaking nature, fancy restaurants, delicious cuisine and roaring nightlife from vibrant cities to tiny authentic villages will make you fall in love with Crete for sure. Still, with the variety of places worth visiting, the choice may be challenging. So to facilitate your life, we’ve created a list of the top things to do in Crete.


Besides being Crete’s capital and the island’s most progressive city, Heraklion is famous for its majestic historical and cultural sights. Here you will find plenty of Minoan civilization attractions, including the iconic Palace of Knossos and the labyrinth of King Minos.

If you are an eager sightseer, this is your stop. Exploring spectacular churches, monumental Venetian era remains and captivating museums will both broaden your outlook and gift you with precious memories. Besides, Heraklion is full of beach bars, clubs, boutiques and outdoor activities like rock climbing, sailing and horse riding. So all-aged travelers will doubtless meet their vacation needs there.

Villa Rent

Visit Crete and skip trying the villa lifestyle is just a crime. Nothing could immerse you into the Cretan culture and feel the island beat better than living in Crete villas. You may opt for any destination and will find your cup of tea without a doubt. From cute tiny to large luxury ones, families to the eco-friendly, center-located to the countryside, modern designed to the authentic style, all villas in Crete will provide you with total privacy, comfort and high-quality service. 

Moreover, you may discover many exciting beachfront activities, restaurants and sightseeings almost near each villa. And all this is surrounded by lush greenery, picturesque beaches, sea and mountainous landscapes. Isn’t it a perfect summer escape?


A blend of Venetian and Turkish coloring awaits you in Chania. If you want to experience the Medival atmosphere, this place is a must-visit. Appealing architectural delights, religious constructions and fussy markets transfer you to past ages. Still, if you suppose Chania is only about ancientness, this is not the case. Botanical Park of Crete heads the list among youth vacation choices and Municipal Agora is the hottest shopping spot.

Elafonisi Beach

No doubt, Elafonisi Beach is Crete’s postcard. It is considered to be the most gorgeous beach around the globe. Turquoise waters with whity-white and pink sand will enchant you at first sight. You may enjoy swimming and paddling in the immense lagoon-like pool or discovering multiple island’s secret coves. Even next to this paradise slice, you can come upon the religious attraction, the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa, which dated by 17th century. So you may easily end your beach relaxation day in observing the monastery by climbing numerous steps to the cliff atop.

Samaria National Park

If you want to add some extreme to your tranquil holiday, visiting Samaria National Park is just the thing. However, you need to be physically fit to take a hike since Samaria Gorge covers approximately 18 km and has the narrowest passage point, The Gate. Be sure, with such an adventure, you will both luxuriate in pristine Crete nature and get the experience of a lifetime.

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